Grape Capital Line of Credit

The Grape Capital Credit Line is an easy and cost effective way to cover unexpected expenses, pay for a major purchase, or payoff higher interest rate debt. And, best of all, once your line of credit has been set up, you can relax knowing you're prepared for unplanned expenses.

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  • $ 10,000

    Credit Limit

    Set up a Grape Capital Line of Credit of up to $10,000 CAD.

  • 10 %

    Interest Rate

    Interest rates are fixed at 10% and you only pay for money actually borrowed.

  • Apply Once

    Activate your account with a $100 CAD set up fee and as long as your account is in good standing you'll always have credit available to you, up to your credit limit.

  • Re-use your Credit

    Repay the credit you've used and it'll immediately become available to use again. Borrow when you need to, without having to reapply every time. Better still, if your balance is zero, there's no charge.

  • Flexible Payment

    Choose a payment option that suits your needs and budget. You're only required to pay the minimum on your account each month (3% or $100) and can pay more at any time without penalty.

  • Easy Access

    Accessing your money is easy. All you have to do is put your request to us in writing via email or call us in person – it’s that simple.

There are no additional annual fees and our monthly service charge is only $10 CAD.

Common Questions

How is a line of credit different from a personal loan?

A line of credit is a flexible borrowing solution that can be used any way you want. Once you set up your Grape Capital Credit Line you never need to apply again. As long as your account is in good standing and you are not experiencing any debt related problems, you will always be able to borrow up to your credit limit. With a personal loan you receive the full amount of the loan when you are approved and you start paying interest immediately on the full amount. You have set scheduled payments that will reduce your loan to a zero balance over an established timeframe.

Can I apply for a line of credit just in case I ever need the money?

Yes, you should take advantage of this offer, as it is the ideal way to ensure that you have the funds available for unexpected or even everyday expenses.

What do I have to do to get the line of credit?

Call us or send us an email to begin the process.

Interested in setting up a line of credit?

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