Unsecured Loans

We don't think money needs to be a stuffy subject, which is why we've made our application process refreshingly simple. Discover comfortable options with an unsecured loan from Grape Capital and breathe a little easier.

Our average unsecured loan size is around $4000.

Let's see how we'd move $4000 from us to you.

Applying For A Loan

It's not our concern what you're using the money for - could be you've got a family emergency or your daughter just got into Harvard (you might need more than $4000 in that case). Whatever the reason, just let us know how much you'd like to borrow and some details to round out your application.

Start by letting us know how much you'd like to borrow and provide us with some important financial and employment details.

Unsecured Loan Calculator

Answer 4 easy questions and figure out your monthly payment plan.

  • Amount exceeds $5,000.
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Interest Rate


Min. Fee: 10% or $250 CAD


Monthly Payment

Bi-monthly Payment


Total To Repay

Note that since you didn’t enter a credit score, we’ve input an average (725) on your behalf.
Please note that since your credit score falls below 660, we will require a co-signer with a credit score above 660.
Now that you've already started,

Current Promotion:

Attention existing clients! We’ll award $100 CAD in account credit for each successful unsecured loan referral that you receive. Tell your friends and family! All they have to do is give us your name when they apply.

Our Rates:

  • 12%


    CS: 660-724

  • 10%

    Very Good

    CS: 725-759

  • 8%


    CS: 760 +

Common Questions

Am I eligible for an unsecured loan?

You’re eligible for an unsecured loan if:

  • Your credit score is above 660 or you have a co-signer with a credit score above 660
  • Your total debt obligation (without mortgage) doesn’t exceed $20,000 CAD
  • You have a minimum bi-weekly income of $1,700 CAD
  • You haven’t had a consumer proposal in the past two years
  • You haven’t declared bankruptcy in the past two years

What kind of information do you use to decide whether or not I'll qualify?

Most of our decisions revolve around your Beacon score. This tells us how much debt you currently have and whether you’ll be able to afford to pay back the loan. There are other factors, unique to your situation that we evaluate as well.

Can I pay off the loan sooner without penalties?

Yes, our loans are completely open so they can be payed off at your earliest convenience.


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